A Turn-Key Investment With No Hassles.

Buying an investment property can be complicated. You have to know what, where, and when to buy in order for the investment to be fruitful.

We have an in depth knowledge of the rental market in Montreal and can tell you exactly what kind of rents a potential property will generate. We can tell you exactly what kind of returns you can expect in Year 1, 2, etc. based on our market knowledge of revenues and expenses.

All that might sound great but what if there is a vacant unit? Making a great purchase and then attracting a bad tenant can really affect your returns and create big headaches.

When you purchase with us, we'll take care of finding a qualified tenant for free. That's right. We will attract qualified leads with our innovative marketing, and perform all verifications including a full credit check, landlord, and employment verifications so you have peace of mind knowing you have a qualified tenant who values your investment as much as you.

It's a complete turn key solution that will guarantee a successful investement.